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Spiking the Park
sub-category : Ice Climbing
img 11-29-2010

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The Ouray Ice Park is the only place to go for a superior ice climbing experience. Having rock climbed for nearly 10 years I decided to try my hand at the ice about three years ago. This shot is at the Lower Alcove in late January (2010). It is a great place for long grade 4 ice climbs. You have to be careful as I almost got clipped by some falling ice here as some of the routes share the same start and it can be easy to knock ice down on each other. The belays are from trees and bolts that are usually marked with flags. Most of the routes are top-roped. If you’re leading, leave an anchor setup on top of the route. This will help others see where you’re at so someone won’t rappel onto you while you are climbing. To access the base of the routes it may be best to rappel. The other option is to descend the trestle ladder just upstream from the Alcove. The ice park is going through a lot of upgrades and I love it. They are currently installing a six inch pipe to feed water onto the walls of the canyon to create better ice. The park is also looking to buy up additional USFS land around the park to increase accessibility and routes. If you are into ice climbing, Ouray Ice Park won’t disappoint.
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